Clear WILD Unfired Dichroic Scrap 4oz

Clear WILD Unfired Dichroic Scrap 4oz
  • SKU:  553050
  • Brand: Coatings by Sandberg
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553050 Clear WILD Unfired Dichroic Scrap 4oz

Effetre Clear WILD unfired dichroic scrap assortment. 4 ounce package, COE 104, compatible with our other COE 104 glass. Length ranges from 3-5 inches long. Width is approx 1/4". 

What a great price! What a great assortment! Can't go wrong with this colorful batch of unfired dichroic on clear.

PLEASE NOTE: These pieces of dichroic have not been fired. This means they have not been put into a kiln and fused as we do with our normal dichroic stock. 

To fire dichroic in a kiln, you need to put the pieces dichroic side DOWN and take your kiln temperature up to 1300 degrees and then turn off and let cool. 

Without firing the dichroic in the kiln, you may find that it may burn off the sheet of clear glass. Also, the dichroic may shatter due to thermal shock. 

This assortment can vary in contents. 

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