Masters of Montage DVD German Version by Thomas Muller-Litz

Masters of Montage DVD German Version by Thomas Muller-Litz
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231232 Master of Montage-German Version

Welcome to the world of Thomas Muller-Litz! Step inside his shop on the Bahnhofstrasse in Lauscha, and you will be instantly immersed in a flameworking tradition that spans 400 years. Sparkling handblown glass twinkles and shimmers on every shelf.

In "Master of Montage" you will be treated to a demonstration of Thomas creating a complex montage vessel. He assembles multiple sections end-to-end, reverses the axis on the middle section...and he makes it look so easy! (It isn't!) Thomas is a descendent of Christoph Muller, who was one of Lauscha's founders back in 1597. He's the last of a 400 year lampworking lineage in his family. His work is disciplined and precise, the close-ups are awesome, and in addition to all of that...he yodels for us as well!

This DVD also includes some special features, such as a great slideshow of Thomas' work, a music video of his son Felix, who has left 400 years of history behind to be a drummer in the rock band "Revolving Door", and two bonus tracks from the band as well.

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