Red Roof Tile 2-4mm Handmade Special Effetre Glass Rod

Red Roof Tile 2-4mm Handmade Special Effetre Glass Rod
  • SKU:  591440-H-02-FUN
  • Brand: Effetre
  • $20.00

Sold in Increments of 0.25


591440-H-02-FUN Effetre Red Roof Tile Handmade Stringer

COE 104 Diameter approx. 2-4mm, Length approx. 13"

 Each of the Effetre Handmade colors are mixed and pulled by hand in small batches. There will be variations of color and of diameter from batch to batch and also within a batch. COE 104, compatible with our other COE 104 glass. Average size: Diameter 2-4mm, Length: 13".

How about a chance to buy premium handmade color at a super reasonable price? You have found it here!  When we buy handmade color, much of it is 4-6mm and that is the size our customers enjoy the most and we sell them at normal retail.

These rods are from the same batches but are small diameter (2-4mm) which we would like to offer at a killer price so more lampworkers can have more FUN!

You may buy this by the 1/4lb if you like...or go all the way to a pound!!

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