Economy Oxygen Regulator

Economy Oxygen Regulator
  • SKU:  117105
  • Brand: K2 Products
  • $75.00


117105 Economy Oxygen Regulator

 A high-quality, low cost oxygen regulator for use in lamp working, bead making, welding, etc. Adjustable with tank and line pressure gauges. Standard U.S. tank end fitting and B fittings for hose. Special low pressure dial for easy setting and reading. 

Low pressure (delivery pressure) dial indicates 0-100 PSI instead of the normal 0-200 PSI; this enables the user to better set low pressures more accurately as for any given setting, the needle has 2x the normal movement. High pressure (supply pressure) dial indicates 0-4,000 PSI. The regulators can handle one to about 5 torches, depending upon torch size. 

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