Blueberry-Raspberry 4-7mm Effetre Glass Rod

Blueberry-Raspberry 4-7mm Effetre Glass Rod
  • SKU:  591767-FUN
  • Brand: Effetre
  • $20.00

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591767-FUN Effetre Blueberry-Raspberry Pastel Glass Rod 4-7mm.

COE 104, compatible with our other COE 104 glass. Size: Diameter 4-7mm, length 13".

A new color we just received from Effetre, (July 2017). This glass came from a batch that has 3 tonalities. We sorted the best we can, but the rods vary, some slightly lighter and darker. This batch is the "medium tonality" which has more baby-blueberry that will strike streaks of raspberry. 

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