Martini Olive 3-7mm Effetre Glass Rod

Martini Olive 3-7mm Effetre Glass Rod
  • SKU:  591764-FUN
  • Brand: Effetre
  • $36.00

Max Qty: 0.5
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LIMIT: 1/2 lb per order

591764-FUN Effetre Martini Olive Pastel Glass Rod 4-7mm.

COE 104, compatible with our other COE 104 glass. Size: Diameter 4-7mm, length 13".

A new color we just received from Effetre. (July 2017)  A beautiful blend of olive greens.  A true olive!  This is a one-time color and our inventory is not large for this glass, thus the limit.  Perhaps on Mike's next venture to Murano he can find more, we are hoping, but this is not a regular production color from Effetre.  

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