Gold, Blue & Green Aventurine

Gold, Blue & Green Aventurine
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541000 Gold, Blue and Green Aventurine Ribbon/Stringer Mix Assortment

An assortment of 3 different colors of Aventurine (Gold, Green, Blue) for a Ribbon and Stringer Mixed Assortment. 

Includes 3 stringers of each color for a total of 9 stringers and 1 ribbon of each color for total of 3 ribbons.

These Ribbon are approx. 12"-15" long, 5-6mm wide and about 1mm thick. The stringers are approx 12"-15" long approx. 1mm in diameter.

Great for decorating beads with shiny and sparkly effects.

Packed in a protective plastic tube.

104 COE compatible

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