Aion 2 Double Helix Glass Rod

Aion 2 Double Helix Glass Rod
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  • Category: Soft Glass Rods COE 104
  • Brand: Double Helix
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503106 Aion 2 Double Helix Glass Rod

A silver-rich color in a clear base, capable of producing blue and green fume effects, soft transparent pinks and purples, and gold. Best of all, its COE 104 so it's compatible with our other COE 104 glass! Size: Diameter 5-6mm, length 13"


Double Helix Glass formulas are resistant to degradation from both acidic and basic chemicals, including atmospheric moisture and contaminants, body oils and acids, and therefore do not respond to EtchAll solutions.  Olympia Rain, Kronos2, Gaia, and Nyx are susceptible to chemical solutions, as they are made from Italian Cullet.
                                      - Jed at DHG

Manufacturer's Striking Tips: To strike this color, first be sure that you have adequate ventilation for working with silver colors. Use a neutral flame so the colors don't become over struck. When you are ready to strike your piece remove it from the flame for a few seconds - just long enough so that the glass is no longer glowing hot. Adjust your flame to a slightly reducing flame and pass your piece through until the glass is glowing again. You should be able to see the glass strike because a metallic iridescence will develop on the surface. Remove your piece from the flame and allow it to cool down again for a few seconds. Watch the piece and you will see the colors develop as it cools. If you want to strike it again to further develop the colors then return it to the reducing flame. If you overstrike the color you can clean it up in an oxygen-rich flame. Just pass it through the tip of the flame a few times and it will burn off the over strike.


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