Triton Double Helix Glass Rod

Triton Double Helix Glass Rod
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  • Category: Soft Glass Rod COE 104
  • Brand: Double Helix
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503131 Triton Double Helix Glass Rod 

COE 104 and compatible with our other COE 104 glass! Size: Diameter 5-6mm, length 13", weight per rod .05 lb, approximately 21 rods per pound.

Triton is an extra strength super luster on a cobalt blue base. It can produce a satin iridescence, swirls of multi-colored silver and retain its luster under clear. 

Manufacturer's Striking Tips:
Work in a neutral flame, allow to cool for a few seconds, reheat far out in a large reducing flame.

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Double Helix Glass formulas are resistant to degradation from both acidic and basic chemicals, including atmospheric moisture and contaminants, body oils and acids, and therefore do not respond to EtchAll solutions.  Olympia Rain, Kronos2, Gaia, and Nyx are susceptible to chemical solutions, as they are made from Italian Cullet.
                                      - Jed at DHG


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