Zephyr Double Helix Glass Rod

Zephyr Double Helix Glass Rod

503145 Zephyr Double Helix Glass Rod (Clear)

COE 104 and compatible with our other COE 104 glass! Size: Length approx. 13"

Zephyr is a clear glass that has been formulated to melt smoothly and easily, resist boiling and scumming, have a low reactivity with silver lusters, exhibit a low seed count and have a pristine surface due to careful handling. ENJOY!

Sold in 1 Pound increments ONLY

Double Helix Glass formulas are resistant to degradation from both acidic and basic chemicals, including atmospheric moisture and contaminants, body oils and acids, and therefore do not respond to EtchAll solutions. 


  • Category: Soft Glass Rod COE 104
  • Brand: Double Helix
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503145 5mm

503145-08 8mm


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