Beryl Glass Alchemy Rod COE 33 Borosilicate Glass

Beryl Glass Alchemy Rod COE 33 Borosilicate Glass
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  • Brand: Glass Alchemy Ltd

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660833 Glass Alchemy Beryl Borosilicate Glass Rods.

Beryl was designed as an organic color to fill a huge hole in the borosilicate palette. A color that is seen (but not often noticed) in nature and called retro by those that recall the oil lamps and cruets of the 60's, Beryl makes a great bead color, is useful as a tint or sculptural color. This brownish olive green is wonderful for solid color sculpting and works very nicely for blown work as well. For larger blown work, artist Mike Shelbo recommends sandwiching between a clear tube and another layer of clear or transparent color, reason being is that Beryl is made up of a significant amount of copper. When a heavy copper color is not encased and on the surface for blown work that will be melted, blown, and manipulated it will tend to react with different amounts of propane and oxygen in your flame mix. So where Beryl may feel similar to working clear, it will prefer working about halfway to three quarters of the flame length away from the tip of your torch is an even mix of gas.  

Working Tip: Work in a neutral flame to avoid reduction (red streaks). Also available as a frit. Size: Diameter 7mm, length 20". There is a 1/4 pound minimum per color. All Glass Alchemy rods are first quality.

ATTENTION: Due to the weight and length of the rods you may receive .30 pound vs .25 pound (as an example) when ordering. This will cause the cost to rise and the amount you expect to pay for your glass may change

If this is a problem, please let us know and we will “under weigh” your glass. This means instead of .25 pound you may receive .20 to .22 pound. Please be aware that it is almost impossible to pull exactly .25 pound. We will always try our best to get as close as possible to the weight that is ordered, but due to the factors stated, these weights may substantially increase the total cost of your order.

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