Yellow 1oz Glow Pigment Powder

Yellow 1oz Glow Pigment Powder
  • SKU:  555101
  • Brand: Coatings by Sandberg
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555101 Yellow 1oz Glow Pigment

Glow pigment powder-Yellow. 1oz package by CBS (Coatings by Sandberg). 1 ounce of 100% glow pigment in Yellow that has not been diluted with any glass powders or fillers, making this the go-to glow pigment for every artist. Works with ANY COE!! This product can be used in lampworking, glassblowing, fusing, and casting. This is also great for borosilicate artwork. 

To activate the glow, just expose the glow pigment to a light source for at least a minute for short term glow. For extended glow time, expose the pigment to sunlight. Glow times and brightness may vary.

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