Charlotte Ltd Run Creation is Messy Glass Rod

Charlotte Ltd Run Creation is Messy Glass Rod
  • SKU:  511909
  • Brand: CiM Messy Color

Sold in Increments of 0.25


A transparent pink. Charlotte Ltd Run 511909 by Creation is Messy (CiM).

104 COE compatible. Rods are 13" long, 4-7 mm in diameter.


Messy Says: "Charlotte and Paris are very similar transparent pinks (both are mismelts of the Sakura formula) Our testers agreed that neither batch could pass as Sakura, but they disagreed on whether or not they were similar enough to give them the same item number/name.  It has been our experience that, especially when it comes to very expensive glasses, artists want to know that they are re-purchasing exactly the same color.  We chose to market these two batches separately to ensure that customers can choose exactly the hue they prefer"


Messy color palette, Click here!

Messy Color palette, Click here!





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