English Ivy Northstar Glass Ro

English Ivy Northstar Glass Ro
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  • Brand: Northstar Glassworks
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Sold in Increments of 0.25


611131 Northstar English Ivy Borosilicate Glass Rods

Northstar English Ivy is a light transparent aquamarine color, that when used in the flame, can yield many color hues. This color is in the same family as Northstar Amber/Purple and Northstar Multi so the color possibilities are endless. English Ivy produces metallic blues and sea greens. When reduced, this color can yield earthy reds and browns. It is recommended that an oxidizing flame be used to achieve the most vivid color. Because it is more saturated than Amber/Purple and Multi it will react much more quickly to the particular chemistry of the flame so be careful not to over reduce. To yield other interesting effects, try encasing English Ivy with clear or backing it with an opaque color like Northstar Star White. This color can be stretched thin, so it is well suited for delicate blown work, stringer application, and cane work.
Size: Diameter 5-7mm, length 20", weight per rod .07 lb. All Northstar rods are first quality.


Due to the weight and length of the rods you may receive .30 pound vs .25 pound (as an example) when ordering. This will cause the cost to rise and the amount you expect to pay for your glass may change.

If this is a problem, please let us know and we will “underweigh” your glass. This means instead of .25 pound you may receive .20 to .22 pound. Please be aware that it is almost impossible to pull exactly .25 pound. We will always try our best to get as close as possible to the weight that is ordered, but due to the factors stated, these weights may substantially increase the total cost of your order.

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