Gray Streaky 5-6mm Transparent Effetre glass rod

Gray Streaky 5-6mm Transparent Effetre glass rod
  • SKU:  591048-S
  • Brand: Effetre

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591048-S Effetre Gray Streaky Transparent Glass Rod 5-6mm. 

COE 104, compatible with our other COE 104 glass. Size: Diameter 5-6mm, length 13".

The bead in the item photo is by Joy Munshower. Here is what she has to say about this streaky glass:

“All the streaks are from the glass.  Apply the rod of glass to the mandrel as one would when making spacer or disc beads.   I didn’t do anything special or treat the glass special, in fact I treat it mean to see how it will react.  The glass melted evenly, rarely spit frit-bits and none devitrified as “matte” rods sometimes do. “

“I dip the glass in and out of the flame until it starts to melt, I DO twist the rod back and forth to heat it evenly and then apply the molten part of the rod to the mandrel.   I apply the mass from left to right and back again until I have enough mass to make the bead.  Once I have the desired amount of mass, I press it into a tab using my butter knife and torch-mounted marver and then press my Jim Moore spiral press into one side.  I flame kiss both sides a final time to take off the chill and pop it into the kiln.”

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