Syzygy COE 33 Trautman Art Glass Tube

Syzygy COE 33 Trautman Art Glass Tube
  • SKU:  623066
  • Brand: Trautman Art Glass
  • $108.00

Sold in Increments of 0.5


623066 TAG Syzygy Tube Borosilicate Glass.  This tubing is hand pulled. Sold per tube, price dependent on weight.  This handpulled tubing, varies in size:  Length 8-16", Diameter 26-32mm

Syzygy is a florescent light reactive (FLR) glass that is a light golden yellow under sunlight and most artificial light, and turns a vibrant transparent pink under florescent light.  Syzygy, pronounced "siz-i-jee", is an astronomical term for the alignment of three celestial bodies.  It is similar to TAG's Red Elvis in workability, is stable, and is not reactive to flame's atmosphere.  Paul's formula has a very strong FLR reaction, and the sudden color change is sure to shock and awe!

PLEASE NOTE: Tubes will be pulled as close to the weight ordered as possible.  Because of the nature of hand pulled tubes, the weight ordered and the weight sent/billed may vary.

  • Each tube will be weighed and the price adjusted to actual
  • We will do our best to pull the quantity ordered, but sometimes it will be slightly over/under depending on what is available at the time of your order.
  • If you have any special sizing requests, let us know in the comments section of your web order.

ATTENTION: Due to the weight and length of the rods you may receive .30 pound vs .25 pound (as an example) when ordering. This will cause the cost to rise and the amount you expect to pay for your glass may change.

If this is a problem, please let us know and we will “underweigh” your glass. This means instead of .25 pound you may receive .20 to .22 pound. Please be aware that it is almost impossible to pull exactly .25 pound. We will always try our best to get as close as possible to the weight that is ordered, but due to the factors stated, these weights may substantially increase the total cost of your order.

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