Effetre Streaky 6 Rod Assortment

Effetre Streaky 6 Rod Assortment
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599004 Effetre Streaky Transparent Color 6 Rod Assortment

LIMIT: 1 per order

FREE Assortment!!

COE 104, rods are approx. 5-6mm in diameter and 13" long. 6 Rods per assortment.

Here is a chance to try our Effetre Streaky transparent rod collection.  For FREE with your order! Just add it to your cart!! 

591014-S  Topaz, medium
591020-S  Grass green, light
591022-S  Grass green, medium
591046-S  Purple, light
591048-S  Gray
591054-S  Blue, Medium

These rods have an "etched" look to them, and when worked they can create streaks that can add more decoration to your work.  

The beads in the images are made by Joy Munshower.  See what she has to say below on how she makes these beads.  

“All the streaks are from the glass.  Apply the rod of glass to the mandrel as one would when making spacer or disc beads.   I didn’t do anything special or treat the glass special, in fact I treat it mean to see how it will react.  The glass melted evenly, rarely spit frit-bits and none devitrified as “matte” rods sometimes do. “

“I dip the glass in and out of the flame until it starts to melt, I DO twist the rod back and forth to heat it evenly and then apply the molten part of the rod to the mandrel.   I apply the mass from left to right and back again until I have enough mass to make the bead.  Once I have the desired amount of mass, I press it into a tab using my butter knife and torch-mounted marver and then press my Jim Moore spiral press into one side.  I flame kiss both sides a final time to take off the chill and pop it into the kiln.”


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