Clio Double Helix Glass Rod

Clio Double Helix Glass Rod
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  • Category: Soft Glass Rod COE 104
  • Brand: Double Helix
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503141 Clio Double Helix Glass Rod

COE 104, the rods are 5-6mm in diameter and approx. 12" in length.

Here is what Double Helix has to say about this product!

Clio, based on test batches CL-360 and CL-361, is our first color-shifting, reducing and striking glass. The colors will shift in different light sources. Once struck or reduced that color shift is altered. Thus, many color outcomes are possible with this unique color chemistry.

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Double Helix Glass formulas are resistant to degradation from both acidic and basic chemicals, including atmospheric moisture and contaminants, body oils and acids, and therefore do not respond to EtchAll solutions.  Olympia Rain, Kronos2, Gaia, and Nyx are susceptible to chemical solutions, as they are made from Italian Cullet.
                                      - Jed at DHG


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