Chardonnay on Clear 1/4" strips, Effetre

Chardonnay on Clear 1/4" strips, Effetre
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  • Brand: Coatings by Sandberg
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553548-FUN 1/4" Chardonnay Dichroic on Clear Strips Effetre Glass

COE 104, compatible with our other COE 104 glass. Color Tonality can vary from batch to batch. Length ranges from 5-18 inches long.  Width is approx 1/4".   Each strip is fused for ease of use. 

This is an ODD version of Silver on Clear. We have been processing Silver on Clear, but this batch has a distinct pale gold color instead of the expected silver, much like a delightful glass of golden Chardonnay.  This is a unique color in the palette of dichroic glass.

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