Claw Finger Holder Standard

Claw Finger Holder Standard
  • SKU:  323004
  • Brand: Griffin Tools
  • $65.00


323004 Claw Finger Holder Standard

Perfect for grabbing warm glass. This claw is specific for the finishing of marbles and sculpture.

Benefits of the claw tool include:

1. Smooth sliding operation with a solid locking slide nut.

2. Heavy duty holding fingers.

3. Eliminate last punty in your process by holding the object with the claw fingers.

4. Thicker wire gauge than your standard claw tool.

5. A weighted handle that is comfortable to hold.

6. High temperature powder coated handle and locking slide nut.

7. A standard claw wire length is 7", with an opening range from 2mm to 70mm.

8. Very small to wide holding diameter. 


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