Bobcat Torch Head

Bobcat Torch Head
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112205 Bobcat Torch by Glass Torch Technology 

The GTT Bobcat is newly redesigned for more versatile flame characteristics.  The Bobcat is a standard surface mix torch with 7 jets.  The Bobcat is capable of flame sizes from a 2" long pinpoint flame for detail work and finite heating to a 9/16" diameter, 13" long flame for 1.5" solid borosilicate glass work.  The Bobcat can work up to 2" borosilicate pendant.  It is great for making beads, marbles and sculptures in soft or hard glass.  

The Bobcat comes standard with B fittings.  The stainless steel base has 4 holes for securing the torch to the work table, and can be used as a forming and shaping tool for hot glass pieces. 

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