About Frantz Art Glass

Frantz Art Glass was started by Mike & Patricia Frantz in 1989. In those days there were few beadmakers in the US, but Pat was one of them. Mike was buying glass rods directly from Effetre (at that time named Moretti) for Pat’s use. Then one day an article was written about the Frantz’s in Ornament magazine and as Mike recalls: "the phone started ringing and the rest was history!".

It turns out there were many beadmakers in the US that were looking for glass rods and Mike had found a great source to supply their needs. Frantz Art Glass is now the largest importer of Effetre glass rods to the US.

Frantz Art Glass also has available CiM (Creation is Messy), Vetrofond & Double Helix glass rods. For the borosilicate lampworker, we carry several lines of glass including Northstar, Trautman and Simax. Other supplies include: dichroic, millefiori, torches, tools and more.

Frantz Art Glass is known for our large inventory, great customer service and everyday low prices.

We are located in Shelton, Washington on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

Open hours: Monday thru Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PDT.