Damaged packaged or item? Don't worry, our customer service representative will help get your package or items replaced quickly!

Important: Call as soon as possible once you receive your order, preferably within 24 hrs of receipt of order to report any damage to your package or items.

Often a damaged box or item will need to be inspected by the carrier's insurance department. The original box, packing material, and any damaged items need to be left in the same condition that they were received.

If you receive a box that appears to have any outside damage at all, please have the carrier make a note of it in their records, then accept the package and call us without delay. This will insure speedy cooperation from the carrier in resolving the issue.

You may remove and use any supplies that are not damaged from your package, but please leave the box, packaging materials and any damaged items in as close as possible to the original condition that you received them in. If you discard the outside box, any of the packing material or damaged items, the insurance claim may be denied.

Follow all of these procedures to ensure that your claim is processed fully and in a timely manner!