Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How do I place an order if I already know the item SKU numbers?

The Quick Order feature is a great way to quickly add your favorite items to your shopping cart! Type the SKU (item number) and hit your Enter key or click the Plus button. As you start to type a drop down list of possible suggestions will appear to select from if desired. The item will be added to the list below with the minimum quantity. Quantity can be changed after each item is added or can be changed on all items at the end. Type the quantity or use the up/down arrow feature in the quantity field that’s available in some browsers like Chrome. When your done adding the items to the Quick Order list click the Add to Cart button at the bottom. If you don’t know a SKU then try Shop Products or Search to find items. Try Quick Order now!


  • What is the Authorized Amount 10% over preauthorization?

The Authorized Amount is 10% over your order total to allow for overage on weight of glass or shipping estimates. At the time of shipping the final invoice total will be reflected on your payment. Credit card amounts will be changed to the updated invoice total amount. PayPal orders will be refunded any overpayment.


  • Where are discounted items on the website?

Clearance Items are an excellent way to save money! Looking for discounted sale items? Interested in odd lot glass color batches? Click Shop Products then select the Clearance Items category. Some items show the list price and the sale price. Other items show the already reduced sale price. Discover odd lot glass colors. Find items that have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Grab the last of items we no longer plan to carry. Discover used tools, broken glass, and other great deals! See what’s on our Clearance Items page now!


  • When will my order ship?

Normally orders are filled and shipped within 2-3 days of Frantz Art Glass receiving your order. If you need your order fast you may choose a quicker shipping method or contact us for rush options. Some special order items are excluded from the 2-3 day fulfillment such as some torches and kilns, see items details for more information or contact us.   


  • How do I see all compatible brands of blue glass rods together or find a color when I don’t know the brand?

Use the Glass Rod Color Palette Picker to find the item! On our Home page about half way down you’ll see our color palette picker bars. Choose your glass type: 104 COE soft glass or 33 COE borosilicate hard glass. Click the color block that you’re looking for and it will appear in a new tab in your browser. All glass rod items within that color range will be shown. All brands compatible with that COE will be shown. In the 104 COE color palette, you may see glass rod brands including Effetre, Messy Color, Vetrofond, Double Helix, Reichenbach, Kugler96 or Precision. In the 33 COE color palette, you may see Glass Alchemy, Northstar or Trautman Art Glass. Add the items to your cart. To go back to the color palette picker, click the first tab in your browser. Or if your done with the current tab color list you can exit it. To start finding colors go to our home page and scroll down to the Color Palette Picker to find the glass rod color you desire!


  • How do I find the brand of glass I like or a specific tool I want?

The Shop Products drop down list is a great way to find items! At the top of our Home page select Shop Products. Select one of the main categories. This will go to the sub-categories within that category. Some sub-categories have additional, more defining sub-categories. Sub-categories may be different brands of glass or different types of tools or supplies. Choose the sub-category that best indicates the type of product you’re looking for. The list of items will then be displayed for you to choose from and add to the cart. This link will always be at the top of every page to continue looking for more products. At the top of our website select Shop Products and choose the best category for your needs!


  • Whats a quick way to get to a sub-category item list?

See our Home Page Sub-Category Tile Links! On our Home page below the scrolling banner are picture tiles with sub-category links below them. Clicking the picture tile will take you to the main category. Choose a sub-category link under the picture to go directly to that list of items. Some sub-categories have may have additional sub-categories to help narrow down the type of items you’re looking for. Our most popular categories of glass are listed near the top. Additional categories of glass, tools & supplies are lower on the page below the glass rod color picker bars. Add items as desired from the sub-category item lists. Then to get back to the Sub-Category Tile Links just click the Home link at the top or bottom of every page. The Sub-Category Tile Links are a fast way to get to the item lists you want!


  • How do I add multiple items to the cart at once?

The default item view is the Gallery block style where you can add individual items to your cart. Enter a quantity or use the default quantity then click Add. To add more items to your cart click Continue Shopping on the pop up box.

Another option is the List view which allows you to add multiple items from the same page all at once. On the right side of the items list at the top select List. Enter your order quantity into each item on that page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the large Add to Cart button. This takes you to the shopping cart page. Click the Continue Shopping button to return to the item page. Click the Next button or a page number to go to other item pages in the same category of items. Or use the Search or Shop Products to find other items.


  • How can I share items with friends?

Try our Email A Friend option to share your newest favorite color with a friend, show someone a specific tool, or suggest an item when someone asks what you want for a gift. Find the item you want to share. Select the item to open the item page. On the upper right click Email a Friend. Enter required fields for friend’s name and email address. Add a note if desired. Enter security code displayed. Click Submit. Email A Friend makes sharing items easy!


  • How can I see less columns in item lists on my phone or tablet?

Select List View Column options! On any category or search page of items select the List view option (default is Gallery). On the right, next to Columns click the drop down arrow. Select the column options you want to see. Smaller screens like phones and tables may be easier to read with less columns. Turning the screen horizontal allows additional columns to be seen that may be hidden. Deselect Pic for faster loading if needed. When done selecting columns then click the arrow again to close the drop down list. Enter quantity to order on all items on that page, then scroll to the bottom and click Add to Cart. Click Continue Shopping to return to the same page or search for other items. The Column options are a great way to see items on smaller screens!


  • Where do I find glass art for sale?

Check out Mike’s Glass Art Gallery! You can see glass art from around the world. Many by famous glass artists. New glass art will continually be added, keep checking back for more. Some glass art is modern and others are antiques. You can find small sculptures, murrini, beads and more. Mike Frantz has collected many of these items from around the world during his decades of business throughout the glass art industry. These glass art items make great gifts or just enjoy the beauty for yourself!


  • Do you have gift certificates?

Not sure what do buy for the glass artists in your life, try a Gift Certificate. Great for last minute gift ideas. Select the dollar amount you would like to buy for the Gift Certificate. If you need a different amount than what is shown, please contact us directly. When you check out use the comment field to enter the first and last name of the person you want in the "To" field on the Gift Certificate. If you would like us to add a special note to the Gift Certificate such as “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Holidays” include this request at that time as well. We can send the gift certificate to the recipient or you can, enter your choice of name and address in the shipping address section of checkout. Continue to check out and choose a shipping method of either mail or pickup. If you choose customer pickup, the Gift Certificate will be held in the store for pickup. If mail is chosen, your Gift Certificate will be sent by USPS mail at no charge. The Gift Certificate can also be emailed, add the email address along with a note in the checkout comment field.